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You will find some vid sites are down or missing in action. If you haven't already, I'd suggest going here and reading The Succatash Soap Opera (it will take a while to download). To make like Magellan and circumnavigate the problem, I'd suggest joining the Yahoo group Vidder, and/or contacting the nice vid-making people and asking, very carefully, for URLs and passwords. If an individual vid is MIA, it could be because the creator has to rotate vids to conserve bandwidth. Or it could be because I got the link wrong, in which case. Oops.

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This is a place for me to squee over the stuff I like. Except for pairings, I try very hard not to include spoilers in the recs. 'Spoilers', in this case, means whatever would influence the way I might look at a fic, so I will tend not to include what I didn't like about a story. If it's in the list, I liked it regardless. We may or may not have similar tastes. I hope we do.

Here be slash, gen and het fanfiction recs. Mostly slash. I will not recommend WIPs until they are no longer WIPs.

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