by >>Jae

When the elevator doors opened, Justin took off running. He knew he was late, and he had someone waiting for him in his room. Someone who hated to be kept waiting.

Sure enough, when he opened the door, AJ was already there, sitting in a straight-backed chair with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked annoyed. "You know what time it is?" he said.

"Sorry," Justin breathed, "photo shoot, ran late, sorry, you know how it is." He walked right up between AJ's widespread legs and kissed him. He relaxed when AJ kissed him back and wrapped a hand around his waist. "You know how it is," he said into AJ's mouth.

AJ pushed him back lightly. "Maybe you should start making up for lost time," he said, and Justin grinned. He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. AJ helped him out by thumbing open the buttons of his jeans.

"What the hell is this?" AJ said, slipping a hand inside Justin's fly and rubbing it down over Justin's hip. Justin bit his lip. He was in such a hurry when he left, he'd forgotten to take them off. AJ was all about the easy access, and Justin had come to enjoy the sluttish thrill of sliding bare-assed into his pants on the mornings he knew he'd see AJ. Better still were the times when AJ called him with an unexpected free hour, and Justin had to find a bathroom and lose the underwear he'd been wearing all day, stuffing them into his pocket, his naked skin anticipating AJ's hands every time he brushed against the worn fabric of his jeans.

"Nothing, it's just. It was a photo shoot. You know I can't go commando to those things."

"And of course the prince of pop is too good for cotton," AJ chuckled, sliding his hand around to cup Justin's ass. "And black too. Very cheap. I'm impressed."

"Hey," Justin said, pulling away from him. "These weren't cheap. These were very expensive."

"Of course," AJ said. "I should have said trashy."

Just to punish him, Justin turned around and bent from the waist to untie his sneakers. As he kicked them off, he glanced back over his shoulder. AJ had sunk down a little lower in his chair, and he was studying Justin appreciatively. He didn't look very punished, but something about the dark simmer in his eyes kept Justin from minding.

AJ quirked an eyebrow. "That an invitation?"

Justin smiled at him. "If you want it to be."

"Then back that ass up, baby," AJ said, and Justin laughed.

"I can't believe you call me trashy." But he walked toward AJ until AJ hooked a finger in his belt loop and yanked. AJ pushed Justin's jeans down to his knees and Justin kicked free of them. He reached for the waistband of his black silk boxers, but AJ put his hands over Justin's.

"Leave them on," AJ said, and Justin shivered. He dropped his head down to catch AJ's lips again, and AJ kissed him lazily, running a slow hand over Justin's chest. Justin pressed forward, intending to slide into his lap, but AJ gripped his hips and turned him around.

"What -" Justin said, and then AJ's strong hands drew him back into his lap and Justin said, "Oh."

"Yeah," AJ said, his lips warm and soft on the back of Justin's shoulder, "oh." Justin could feel it on his skin when AJ smiled.

Justin squirmed a little, trying to get comfortable. He heard AJ's breath quicken and he squirmed a little more, experimentally. "Oh, you bitch," AJ said, lips still pressed right against him, and Justin thought briefly that he'd know exactly what AJ was saying even if AJ didn't make any noise at all, just from the precise line of fire his lips painted on Justin's back. Then he raised up a little, and bore down, and felt the hard solid shape of AJ's cock beneath his jeans, beneath Justin, and he didn't think about anything for a minute.

AJ skimmed a cool hand up Justin's back, up his neck, into his hair, and bent Justin forward. He licked a deliberate slow blaze back down Justin's spine, and Justin wriggled backwards as far as he could while pinned by AJ's weight. He groaned.

AJ sat back up and Justin followed, guided by the hand tangled in his hair. He arched so his head rolled onto AJ's shoulder, and nipped at AJ's ear until AJ kissed the corner of his mouth. "Quit it," AJ murmured. Justin put his tongue out to lick at the place AJ had just kissed, and he felt AJ's cock twitch under him.

Justin shifted as AJ's hands slid down over his arms and circled his waist. He dropped his head to expose the place where his right shoulder met his throat. AJ licked it quickly, then put his mouth back against the skin between Justin's shoulder blades. Justin whimpered and shoved back in protest, and AJ laughed a little and said, "Wait. Wait."

AJ's tongue was sketching intricate patterns across the top of Justin's back, and his hands slid down over the black silk that covered the tops of Justin's thighs. Justin spread his legs further, and AJ's hands dipped down, still not venturing beneath the smooth silk.

"Come on," Justin said, rocking in AJ's lap, "come on, do something already."

"Do something," AJ said thoughtfully. "Something like this, maybe," and his fingers trailed up Justin's chest to pinch at his nipples. Justin shuddered and cried out. He felt AJ's grin burn against his back.

Justin was squirming in earnest now, panting and mumbling AJ's name, mumbling "fuck," mumbling "please." He could feel the firm solid pressure of AJ's cock, and he slid his legs open a little more, feeling it nestle under him just where he wanted it to be.

Almost, he thought, almost where he wanted it to be. He rocked his hips and silk whispered against his skin, insinuating, impossibly smooth. Suddenly all he wanted was to feel the denim of AJ's jeans rubbing against him, almost too rough for comfort. Or the sleek warmth of AJ's skin, pushing up against him with an urgent force. He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of the boxers, pushing them down to his hips before AJ's hands closed over his wrists. "Wait," AJ said sternly, and pinned Justin's wrists behind his back.

Now Justin was worse off than he was before. With his arms held behind him he couldn't press tightly against AJ the way he wanted, and when he rocked too far forward AJ didn't follow him, just waited for Justin to miss the wet heat of AJ's mouth on his back. Justin still had his feet on the floor, though, and he pushed himself up and dropped back into AJ's lap, feeling AJ's hips thrust up minutely, involuntarily, every time he did it.

"Oh, you can just cut that out right fucking now," AJ growled, grabbing both of Justin's wrists in one hand and using the other to press down on Justin's thigh. Justin didn't think AJ could hold him down with just one hand, or even with two hands if Justin didn't want him to, but AJ's teeth scraped across his back in a brisk silver crackle of pain, and Justin decided not to test that theory. He moaned in frustration.

"Oh, just you wait," AJ murmured silkily in his ear, "just you wait." His fingers smoothed over Justin's thigh and up across his cock, for one heart-stopping moment, and Justin bucked up against AJ's hand. "Just you wait," he said again, and his hand slipped higher and spread out over Justin's ribcage, pulling him in close.

Justin had never thought of the area between his shoulder blades as an erogenous zone, had never really thought of it at all. But now AJ's mouth was dragging indolently across his skin, electric pleasure flaring in its wake, and Justin's shoulders were rolling in the same rhythm as his hips. Trapped by AJ's hands and AJ's mouth and the firm insistence of AJ's cock beneath him, Justin was quivering, vibrating desperately against AJ. He felt the silk singing against his body, teasing him, fluttering cool and light where he wanted something pushing hot and hard.

"AJ," he said breathlessly, "please, please, I can't wait."

"Oh, I think you can," AJ said into his skin.

"No, no, I can't, please, don't make me, I can't."

"All right," AJ said, "since you ask for it so pretty," and he slid his hand from Justin's torso, down over the boxers, to swallow Justin's cock in silk.

Justin thrust up helplessly, futilely searching for AJ's skin. He didn't want to come this way, the silk slithering around him, seeing nothing of AJ but one inked arm. He wanted to feel AJ's hand on him, AJ's cock beneath him, but he was so close, he couldn't help it, he was so close, so close. He cried out when he came, and rocked his head back onto AJ's shoulder. AJ kissed the corner of his mouth.

AJ's hands gripped Justin's waist and lifted. Justin spilled off his lap onto the floor, landing on his hands and knees. AJ followed, and Justin heard him kick the chair over behind them. AJ yanked Justin's boxers down to the middle of his thighs, and Justin started to wriggle out of them before AJ grabbed his hips. "Leave them," he said again, and ran his hand along Justin's spine. Justin stilled beneath him. "Good boy," AJ said.

Justin waited. He spread his legs, almost as far as he wanted to, and felt the silk bite into his thighs. He felt like sobbing in frustration. He heard AJ rustling behind him, taking his time, probably counting his change and checking his messages, not caring that Justin was ready for him, open for him, dying for him while AJ -

Justin howled as AJ slid two slick fingers into him, hands skidding along the carpet until he was balanced on his forearms. "Wait, baby, wait," AJ said soothingly, and Justin pushed back impatiently. "Or don't," AJ said. Justin didn't. After the incredible light sleekness of the silk, AJ's fingers felt rough and solid and just exactly right.

AJ's fingers slipped out and Justin moaned, even though he could hear AJ laugh at him, even though he knew what was coming. Then AJ's cock pressed into him, a long slow push, and Justin sobbed in relief. "Easy," AJ breathed, running a hand up over Justin's shoulder, "easy," but there was nothing easy about the way AJ's hips were twisting against him. Justin whined and gasped until AJ's hand curled around his cock, warm and rough and real, and when he came he felt AJ whisper something into his skin. AJ thrust harder, and the same brisk crackle of pain sparked silver in Justin before AJ slumped over him.

AJ rolled over and Justin lay on the floor, the thick hotel carpet somehow coarse beneath his cheek. AJ stripped the boxers off Justin's body and mopped him up, then tossed them across the room. He watched Justin lick at the raw places on the palms of his hands.

"How you doing there?" AJ said, reaching for Justin's hands and examining them, then kissing his palms lightly. "There's worse places to get carpet burn."

"Easy for you to say," Justin said, and rolled over until he bumped into AJ's knee.

AJ ran a hand over his side and Justin looked up at him.

"You made me wait," Justin said accusingly.

"You made me wait first," AJ said.

"I hate you," Justin said.

"No you don't," AJ said. "You love my ass." Justin snorted. "Love you too," AJ said, and Justin smiled. That was one thing AJ never made him wait for.

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