by >>Jae

"I'm not crying."

Justin smiled and leaned in to trace a finger over Chris' cheek. The movement made Chris gasp.

"I'm not - my eye's watering, from where you just hit me with your stupid fucking elbow, that's all."

Justin sat back. Chris gasped again. "It was my elbow, huh?" Justin said, still smiling.

"Of course it was. What else would it be?"

"It wasn't the fleeting beauty of our lovemaking?"

"Jesus Christ, Justin!" Chris yelled. "Don't say shit like that - especially now." Justin laughed. "I swear to God, the second we're done I'm searching your bag for Harlequin novels. Fleeting beauty my ass."

"So it wasn't that then. Maybe it was the sensuous grace of my supple body melding with yours?"

"That's it. I'm washing your mouth out with soap right now. Get up! Up! Up! Up!" Chris' hips lifted violently, but Justin just laughed again and pressed his thighs against Chris' sides. He wasn't going anywhere.

"So it probably wasn't the bittersweet translucence of the moment, either?"

"That doesn't even make any sense. You don't even know what you're saying. How can a moment be translucent? It can't. You mean transience. Or maybe transcendence. It could be transcendence, I guess. I'm not sure which one you meant."

"I'm not sure either," Justin said, biting his lip. He spread his hand out on Chris' chest and braced himself against it, swaying. Chris wrapped his fingers lightly around Justin's wrist. "I don't exactly know the difference."

"Well, transience is like something that's not gonna stay - something that's not permanent, you know? While transcendence is like something that's so much greater than everything else, nothing can compare."

"Oh, I meant the first one, but yours is much better. I want that one. I'm totally going with yours - the bittersweet transcendence of the moment. That's great!"

"You tricked me! That's not mine - don't call it mine, you fucker. I'd never say anything like that." Chris yanked his hand away and Justin laughed again. "Go ahead, laugh all you want, but you keep saying things like that and my dick's gonna fall right off in horror, and then what will you do?"

"I don't know," Justin said. He pushed up a little and slid a hand underneath, letting his fingers curl around the base of Chris' cock. "It doesn't feel like it's going anywhere." He pulled his hand away slowly as he sank down, and Chris' reply was lost in a groan.

Justin put his hands on the bed behind him and let his hips work, arching his back and tilting his head, feeling that glorious stretch. "Transcendence," he breathed. "I like that."

Chris moaned.

"Transcendence," Justin said again. He closed his eyes.

He opened them as he bent forward to press his lips against Chris' skin. He tasted tears on Chris' cheek. "Transcendence," he whispered, and licked them away.

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