Justin kissed him breathless, standing with his back against the bathroom door and his arms clinging tightly around JC's neck. He kissed JC until JC couldn't stand it anymore and dropped his head to Justin's throat, licking and biting until Justin started making soft desperate sounds.

The sounds got louder and Justin tried to pull away. "C, come on," he said, "come on, we're not - someone's gonna hear."

"I don't care," JC said, "I don't care who hears, who sees, I don't care, I don't -"

Justin slid one hand down JC's back and then away over the door behind them. Suddenly they went flying out into the party, the door swinging wide and slamming against the wall. For one moment the whole world spun, while JC staggered and almost fell and Justin was thrown back into the wall right next to the door. He stood there laughing while JC looked around to see if anyone had seen them.

"What the fuck," JC said, grabbing Justin's arm and pulling him back into the bathroom, "there are people all over this place -"

"Thought you didn't care," Justin said, and laughed again at the look on JC's face until JC kissed him.