"Go away," JC said fretfully, "I'm hot and I hurt all over and I don't want anything touching me." Justin stood up and JC said, "Don't go too far."

"As always, you're a joy to be with," Justin said. "Did you want anything or should I just stand here in the corner all by myself?"

"Water," JC said. "And some aloe might be nice. And a magazine. And maybe a cold - I said don't touch me," he said as the bed creaked and Justin sat down carefully.

"Oh, hush," Justin said. He lifted JC's hand gently and brought his wrist up to his mouth. "You really need to learn to take off your watch when you're out in the sun." He brushed his mouth just a little roughly against the pale white skin on the inside of JC's wrist. He didn't kiss it but turned it slowly, tenderly. JC closed his eyes and breathed in deeply as Justin's lips slid cool and easy against his skin.