Justin was drunk, his hair messed up and his collar gaping around his throat like someone had slipped a hand in there and given it a good yank. "Hey," JC said, and Justin kissed him, his mouth tasting thinly sweet, like the syrupy liqueur Justin and Trace couldn't get enough of. Justin was drunk and his mouth was rough on JC's, his tongue thrusting, and JC pushed his hand up under Justin's collar and let it fit close at the base of his throat. Even drunk, Justin could never be too careless, and he let his head fall back a little and he looked like he was about to start apologizing. JC growled, there was no other word for it, and Justin's eyes widened and he smiled, his lips wet and open.

"Yeah?" Justin said, and JC arched up and bit him, the corner of his jaw, and let his fingers tighten just a little more around Justin's throat.

"Yeah," Justin said, and turned his head so JC's mouth slid back against his own.