JC had Bobbie bent forward over the arm of the couch, breathing hard against the hand he'd shoved over her mouth. None of the guys were supposed to be back on the bus for hours, but it was better to be safe than sorry. And it wasn't like he could just ask Bobbie to be quiet; she'd start yelling out of sheer spite.

He was never sure exactly what made him look up right at that moment, whether he'd heard something or if he'd felt Bobbie react. He was never sure what it was, but something made him look up and he looked straight into Justin's eyes. Justin was watching them, him, leaning against the wall just inside the doorway with a small smile on his face. Justin didn't move when JC caught his eye, didn't turn away or even stop smiling.

"What the fuck," JC gasped, "J?" and Justin was still staring straight at him. Justin didn't move but right then Bobbie bit down on JC's hand hard, hard enough to draw blood, and JC gasped again and came. He put his head down against Bobbie's neck for a moment and when he looked up, Justin was gone.

"What the fuck," JC said. Bobbie reached back for him but he brushed her hand away. "Did you see that - what the fuck did he think -"

"You never minded before," Bobbie said.

JC pushed away from her and pulled his pants up. "What do you mean, before? You saw - he saw?"

Bobbie turned around and sat back against the couch, her skirt still bunched around her waist. "I thought you knew," she said, smiling at him lazily, the way she did when she knew he knew she was lying to him.

"Fuck you," JC said, and started to leave. Then he heard the TV in the next room, and thought that Justin must still be there. He turned back in time to catch Bobbie laughing at him.