JC leaned against the wall next to Chris and looked up at the screen. "How's our boy doing?" he said.

"Okay. He looks nervous to me, out there on his own," Chris said, his eyes never leaving the TV. "I don't like it."

"Well, baby's growing up, Chris. That's always a difficult time."

"No," Chris said. "Look - look at this."

JC winced when he heard the woman's question, but it wasn't like they hadn't all been expecting it. Justin leaned forward a little, his eyes narrowing. "No, of course we're not," he said firmly. "We've just been on the road for so long together, and this is just a chance to try something new -"

"Right there," Chris said. "I guess now we know why he looks nervous."

"We're the only ones who can see it," JC said. He traced his initials against the wall while he watched Justin on the TV screen. "He doesn't even know what he sounds like. He believes what he's saying."

"He wants to," Chris said. "I believe that, anyway."

"Well, that's something," JC said. Chris pushed off from the wall and walked away. JC stayed there, watching Justin smile and answer questions out there on his own.