JC had never seen such a crowd of girls in his whole life. His hand hurt from writing his name and his face hurt from smiling and he had to get up in five hours and do it all again. He followed Justin out to the van. Justin kept his head down and his eyes on his own feet, as if he were so exhausted he couldn't quite remember how to walk. "Watch the door, J," JC said softly, and Justin ducked and then turned to JC.

Justin smiled at JC, strong and bright, like he hadn't been grinning desperately all day at girls whose names he'd never remember, like he wasn't going to have to get up tomorrow and start grinning again. He smiled at JC like it was the first time he'd ever done it, and the last time he'd ever have the chance.

"We'll be home soon," Justin said, and turned and got into the van.