"Ho. Ly. Shit," Joey said, three distinct syllables.

"Ladies and gents, that is a fuckload of albums and a fuckload of money," Chris said, his voice almost shaking beneath his calm words.

"I keep thinking," Lance said, "I just keep thinking that they've added a zero onto the end of those numbers by accident. I mean, even if they had, it'd still be a lot, right? I mean, that's a lot to sell, even if they made a mistake and added a zero -"

"Or two zeros," Chris said.

"Ho. Ly. Shit," Joey said again.

JC heard everything they were saying, because he was sitting right next to them, but they felt a long way away. He couldn't quite believe it, not the numbers exactly, but he couldn't really believe that this was happening, right now, to him. It didn't feel real.

He looked across the table. Justin hadn't said a word the whole time, not even at first. He'd listened to everything and then sat back in his chair, with his eyes down and his hands folded together tightly, like he was afraid they might shake right off his wrists. JC didn't blame him. He was feeling a little unsteady himself.

"This is - wow, this is really something, huh, J?" JC said. He felt stupid as soon as he'd said it.

Justin looked up at him and his eyes were shining. For a moment he didn't say anything, and again JC didn't blame him. What was there to say, really?

"JC," Justin said. He said it again, like it was a whole sentence, a whole book instead of JC's name, and his voice was shining just like his eyes.