Justin was on his back, his leg hooked around JC's waist, and JC had waited for this for so long, had wanted and waited and now he almost couldn't believe it. He ran a hand down Justin's leg, just to reassure himself that it was real, that it was now, and Justin moaned.

He knew what Justin wanted, and JC knew it was the same thing that he wanted, had been wanting for so long. He'd been waiting for so long and now he had it, but suddenly there was something else he wanted, too, something he needed. He wanted Justin to say something, although he didn't know what. He didn't know what there was that Justin could say, what there was to say that wouldn't be small and stupid and so much less than what JC wanted.

Justin opened his eyes and smiled at him, his same old perfect smile, and for a moment JC thought that would be enough. He thought it would be enough, because what more could there be, and then Justin said, "JC," and that was enough, that was more than enough, and JC pushed inside him and it was everything.