"No no no," Justin said, twisting himself around JC and reaching for the remote. "Don't turn it off, I was watching that."

JC laughed. "You've been asleep for twenty minutes, and for the last five you were snoring. You weren't watching that."

"I was, I was just tired. But I'm good now, I had a nap and I've got my second wind and I'm all ready to see the second half."

"Justin, you don't have to. I've already seen it, and if you don't like it -"

"I like it!" JC looked at him. "I mean, I like what I saw. It was just - it's a little slow in the beginning, maybe. But I bet it picks up."

"It really doesn't," JC said. "Listen, J, you don't have to like it just because I do."

"I know," Justin said. "And I probably won't. But I want to watch it anyway."

"Why would you want to watch something you don't think you'll like?"

"Because then I'll know why you like it."

"J -"

"Come on, let's watch just a little bit more. Just till I fall asleep again."

JC couldn't help laughing. "All right, but I'm not rewinding."

"Just fill me in real quick on what I missed. Did the farmer ever finish planting all that wheat?"