It was stupid, probably, to get so upset over a video game, but JC had been winning. He'd been kicking Justin's ass, and he suspected that was at least partially why Justin had decided to get up for a drink right that minute, to get up for a drink and bang against JC hard enough to knock him sideways when Justin stood up. JC hooked an arm behind Justin's knee and pulled him down.

He hadn't expected Justin to just let that go, and he knew on a theoretical level that Justin had been working out lately, but JC hadn't been prepared for the force with which Justin slammed down on top of him. He struck out at Justin and Justin hit back, his knuckles scraping against JC's mouth.

"Ow - fuck," JC said. Justin sat back on his heels. JC wiped his hand across his stinging mouth. "Look at this, Justin, I'm bleeding."

"Sorry," Justin said, although he didn't look sorry enough, in JC's opinion. "I didn't mean to hit you so hard -"

"Lucky punch," JC said.

"That was the saddest fight ever," Joey said. He tossed a washcloth to JC. "But hey, congratulations, J. Looks like you won."

"He didn't win," JC said. He pressed the washcloth against his lip.

"He got first blood, at least," Joey said. "And after all these years, too."

"I said I was sorry," Justin said. "But you started it."

JC took the cloth from his lip and studied the reddened corner, stained with his blood. First blood, he thought.