Tangible Schizophrenia


Horatio Hornblower

Complex relationships and good old-fashioned sea adventures, plus many pretty boys in tight uniforms. What's not to like?


Game-verse - Horatio/Archie/Bush/Edrington. Crossover with PotC. Modern-day AU. NC-17.
In Darkness Light - Horatio/Archie. PG.
The Moon in the Window - Horatio/Pellew/Groves. Crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean. NC-17.
Post-Haste - Horatio/Archie. PG.
Theoryverse - Pellew, Kitty Cobham, Mariette. Crossover with KA. Modern-day AU.
Tranquility - Horatio/Archie. PG.
Sea Dog Tales - Horatio/Archie, other pairings. Crossover with PotC. AU.
Post-It: Summons - Horatio/Archie, Horatio/Archie/Edrington. Mention of Sharpe.