Tangible Schizophrenia



Author: Guede Mazaka
Rating: Rish.
Pairing: Sands/Lorenzo, implied Sands/El and Lorenzo/El.
Disclaimer: Never mine.
Feedback: Yes, please. Whatever you can spare.
Notes: For collie_wolf in return for the icons. Inspired by a scene from Frida.
Summary: Expedient measures.


"You look like shit, you sound like shit. Hell, you are shit." Lorenzo tipped up the full bottle of tequila, drank until his lungs were screaming, then slammed it down. A third gone.

"Yeah? Well, what are you doing here? Why aren't you puppy-dogging him?" Sands' fingers daintily crawled over to the bottle and wrapped around it, like he was about to throw it at Lorenzo's head. He jabbed the bottleneck between his lips and swallowed until the last drop had disappeared down his throat. "Big hulking fucker. Doesn't even notice, I bet."

"You notice. It's only so you can slam on me…but you notice." It made a weird sense in Lorenzo's muddled head, and his dick was doing nothing but encouragement. Stupid blind cock. "This time, I get to top."

"Not on your life." They drew, like usual, and Sands got his out first. "On your belly, honey-pie."


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